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        Maximising your job search


        9th August 2022


        John Sergeant

        Director if Interim IT Recruitment

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        Maximising your job search

        You probably keep hearing that we’re in a ‘candidate-driven’ market where there are more jobs available than suitable candidates.

        That’s why, in this blog, we’re talking about maximising your job search.

        However, for highly skilled and niche contractors looking to secure their next post, it might not always seem that way. If you’re lucky to have various options for a new role, it’s still always worth improving your CV and online profile, to maximize your chances and choices.

        The following pointers are the easiest ways we see candidates improve their job-search experience and outcomes.

        Improve your CV

        • Try to ensure your CV is no longer than 3 A4 pages.
        • Use a simple lay-out template and font, like Arial or Calibri.
        • A profile box with a paragraph about your key skills and experience is a good start.
        • Your present role should be first followed by most recent roles in chronological order.
        • Each role should give dates of employment, job title and the client/ employer.
        • 5-8 bullet points describing the key aspects and duties of the role.
        • Qualifications, hobbies/ interests and anything else is best at the end.
        • It’s always, always worth adapting your CV to a specific job spec or employer.
        • There is often too much to put into 3 pages, so always try to adapt your CV to enhance your relevant experience.

        Posting your CV and profile

        • There are many CV sites where you can both post your CV and apply for roles posted by employers and recruiters. For IT roles, we would recommend:
        • For public sector roles, Civil Service Jobs & NHS Jobs are great sites to find permanent and fixed term roles.
        • If a recruiter posts a new job, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and speak to them directly. This will give you both a chance to work out if the role is for you and will make you memorable.
        • Pick a selection of recruiters you like, trust, and try to meet with them to discuss your search.
        • LinkedIn is a great way to find a new role and is increasingly popular.
        • Add an ‘Available for work’ badge to your profile picture to let people know you’re looking.
        • Ensure your profile is up to date and lists all the key skills you have from your CV.

        That’s our lot for maximising your job search. We hope this advice helps you as you begin your job search.

        Get in touch today and one of our experienced consultants can help you find your next role! Or explore our latest jobs.

        Good luck!

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